What about the debts of a deceased? Here we explain

At the hard time of losing a loved one joins, in the following weeks to death, the administrative procedures to be carried out. One of the ones that causes more headaches is the distribution of the inheritance, especially if it is not known what happens to the debts of a deceased. Unfortunately for the beneficiaries, […]

Wedding loan – Finance your dream wedding

  When it comes to planning for the wedding, many couples quickly realize that there are a variety of cost points to consider. Even if the actual wedding ceremony at the registry office or in the church usually does not cost very much, the wedding celebration is usually the biggest cost factor afterwards. The guests, […]

Credit in 5 minutes – ready for a quick loan

    When it comes to credit requests, it may well be that the request is so urgent that it requires quick implementation. No wonder that many consumers are looking for a lightning, instant or even 5-minute loan when they are looking for suitable financing. But where is the quick credit available? And what needs […]

Personal Loan: how to use it to buy a car?

Financing and consortium are the best-known options for purchasing a car, but they are not the only ones you can use. Buying a car is among the main desires of most Brazilians. Many people want to buy a car because of the need to get around, but do not have enough resources to make that […]

Installment debt rescheduling – low interest rates

As soon as an existing loan is to be replaced with a new loan, one automatically speaks of debt restructuring. Retraining can be worthwhile in many cases, especially if the old loan was taken out with very high interest rates. Many loans are offered with low interest rates, making this new loan much cheaper. Information […]

In the debt trap: 5 important immediate measures

Anyone who miscalculates on loans or unexpectedly has to make do with lower incomes easily gets into a debt trap. If the debt is so high that the installments can no longer be paid on time, you have to react quickly but prudently. Sort expenses by importance What you definitely have to pay are your […]